From ‘On the Flowering of the Unbounded’ (空華, ‘Kūge’), in the Shōbōgenzō, by Eihei Dogen

“with the opening of the blossom, the whole world arises. ‘The opening of the blossom’ means ‘three and three before that, as well as three and three after that’. In order to make the number of these more extensive, they have accumulated a luxurious growth, soaring ever higher.

Letting this principle of blossoming come of its own accord, we need to consider whether it is spring or autumn. Blossoms and fruit do not only appear in spring and in autumn. There will invariably be other times when blossoms and fruit emerge. Every flowering and fruiting has endured while they have waited for their opportunity, and every opportunity has endured while it has waited for a flowering and a fruiting. Thus, all the hundreds of things that sprout up have their time of flowering and their fruiting, just as all manner of trees have their time of flowering and their fruiting. All manner of trees—such as those of gold, silver, copper, iron, coral, or crystal—have their flowering and their fruiting. Trees of earth, water, fire, wind, and boundless space have their flowering and fruiting. Human trees have their blossoming, human flowers have their blossoming, and withered trees have their blossoming.

It is within this context that the World-honored One spoke of the flowerings within Unbounded Space. On the other hand, those folks who pay attention to very little and see even less are unaware that petals and blossoms with their varied hues and brilliance are to be found within everything. These are ‘the flowers of Unbounded Space’, and such folk are only barely aware of a flowering of Unbounded Space.”

From ‘On the Flowering of the Unbounded’ (空華, ‘Kūge’), in the Shōbōgenzō, by Eihei Dogen

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