From a Q&A with Jiddu Krishnamurti, August 1984

Opnamedatum: 2010-04-22

“ls there a learning that is not an accumulated process of knowledge? […] Seeing without any prejudice, seeing without the word? Can you look at a tree without the word? Have you ever done all this? That means seeing without direction, without motive.


We’re always comparing, judging, evaluating – which is choice. And, to be aware without choice… you understand? As we’re talking, will you do all this? Or you’re just listening to words. If we are doing this, then you begin to discover awareness is entirely different from concentration. Concentration implies focusing all thought on a particular subject, on a particular page, on a particular word; which implies cutting off all other thoughts, building resistance to every other thought, which then becomes narrow, limited. Right? So concentration is limited. But you have to concentrate when you are doing something, washing dishes. […] Awareness without choice – which means without concentration – to be aware of all this without judging, evaluating, condemning, comparing, and from that move, which is attention, […] in that attention there is no me, right? When there is this tremendous attention, all energy is given to understand what you’re saying, I am not thinking about myself, therefore there is no centre in me that says “I must attend”.

From a Q&A with Jiddu Krishnamurti, August 1984

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