From the ‘Visuddhi-Magga’, by Buddhaghosa (5th century)


“No doer is there does the deed,
Nor is there one who feels the fruit;
Constituent parts alone roll on;

“And thus the deed, and thus the fruit
Roll on and on, each from its cause;
As of the round of tree and seed,
No one can tell when they began.


“Not in its fruit is found the deed,
Nor in the deed finds one the fruit;
Of each the other is devoid,
Yet there’s no fruit without the deed.

“Just as no store of fire is found
In jewel, cow-dung, or the sun,
Nor separate from these exists,
Yet short of fuel no fire is known;

“Even so we ne’er within the deed
Can retribution’s fruit descry,
Nor yet in any place without;
Nor can in fruit the deed be found.

“Deeds separate from their fruits exist,
And fruits are separate from the deeds:
But consequent upon the deed
The fruit doth into being come.

“No god of heaven or Brahma-world
Doth cause the endless round of birth;
Constituent parts alone roll on,
From cause and from material sprung.”

From the ‘Visuddhi-Magga’, by Buddhaghosa (5th century)

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