From ‘Buddhism Without Beliefs’, by Stephen Batchelor


“Dharma practice […] is founded on authentic vision born from experience. It no longer requires the support of moralistic rules and religious ritual; it is grounded in integrity and creative autonomy.


Awakening is no longer seen as something to attain in the distant future, for it is not a thing  but a process—and this process is the path itself. But neither does this render us in any way  perfect or infallible. We are quite capable of subverting this process to the interests of our far-from-extinct desires, ambitions, hatreds, jealousies, and fears. We have not been elevated to the lofty heights of awakening; awakening has been knocked off its pedestal into the  turmoil and ambiguity of everyday life. There is nothing particularly religious or spiritual about this path. It encompasses everything we do. It is an authentic way of being in the world. It begins with how we understand the kind of reality we inhabit and the kind of beings we are that inhabit such a reality.”

From ‘Buddhism Without Beliefs’, by Stephen Batchelor

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