From ‘Notebook of Errors and Absurdities’, by Beatrice Mendi-Otz


” We live in an intractably complex universe. We should, therefore, not presume to understand fully, but strive to preserve and foster inquisitive amazement.
There are countless experiences, teachings and narratives that remind us of the unmistakable home of truth, and the ground of being. These are readily available. They are neither transcendental experiences, nor divine teachings, or even sacred stories. They are, or arise from, the immediacy of experience, in the splendour of its direct simplicity, and the ineffable sense of integral belonging. Often, they dissipate or end as quickly as they arise. To live them fully, it is important to disengage from the deafening noise of the world, slow down — slow right down — and start paying attention. For this, we need to practice awareness and question the readiness of our received answers, whether received from others or from the hardening of our habits.

This is easier to do than we might think. Life’s difficulties only make it easier, paradoxical as that may seem. The world, its truth, and boundless happiness await you, just like a mother awaits a child. Start paying attention, and there is no chance you will miss it. For it is already here, right now.”

From ‘Notebook of Errors and Absurdities’, by Beatrice Mendi-Otz

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